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Kid's Fun Day

We had a blast at Kid's Fun Day on Wednesday 13 September. We took our tent, faux grass & tech to Curry Reserve to show that our library is not just about books. We do still love books though!

It's not all sunshine and lollypops though. A lot of hard work goes into setting up. Here is slice-of-life video. Enjoy!


Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics 

STEAM is a happening buzz-term at the moment. Unlike most buzz-terminology it is actually important for us as parents.

STEAM is about linking Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics education to provide a deeper understanding of our world. Essentially, it is about future-proofing our children by provding them with the thinking & skills they will need to thrive in tomorrow's workplaces. 

We will be unveiling a new STEAM inititive at the library in the near future... To whet your appetite for Science I have attached a link to the current newsletter from the Children's Discovery Museum. There is an interesting article with tips on how to explore Science with young children & a recipe for making slime which is always great fun. Enjoy!


Children's Book Week

Happy Book Week everyone! Our activities are in full swing & we have now presented our reader's theatre of Chip by Kylie Howarth twice so we're getting quite good at it! 

We hope you will join us for fun on Wednesday & Friday at Narellan or on Thursday at Camden. Wear your favourite costume and parade with us. 

Here are some photos from our reader's theatre at Camden. We had such fun!



Paint the Town REaD

Paint the town REaD is a whole community project to promote the importance of EVERYBODY speaking, listening & reading to EVERY child in the community. It takes a village to raise a reader!

The library has organised an activity and display to show how we help families to grow readers.

Every child who attends our programs in the next couple of weeks will be asked to write their name and a favourite book on a leaf. We will be sewing the leaves together and displaying them on our magic fairy tree. 

Like a tree which is made up of many parts: leaves, wood, bugs and bark. Children become readers word by word, page by page and book by book. 



Upcoming... Book Week 2017

Book Week is held yearly in August. The dates this year are 21-25 August. Our preparations have already started! Our displays are slowly coming together, we're rehearsing our 'performance' & started to plan our costumes. 

We invite children attending Storytime to wear a costume & parade with us during Book Week.This website has some great ideas for quick, easy & cheap (which are all words we like) costumes


Dinosaur Science Show

A full-house of excited friends gathered to watch the Dinosaur Science Show this afternoon. A rollickingly good time was had by all! For those of you who missed it, here is a short video of the fun. 


Pop Up Art Station

We have set up a pop up art station at Narellan Library these holidays. We're supplying different art materials each day. So far we've had watercolour pencils, silky crayons, textas & adaptable needs crayons. Still to come are hard pastels, charcoals & oil pastels. 

We have been blown away by the colourful works & have decided to display them in the library. Why not come in and create your own masterpiece? Then come in again to see it on display! 


Holiday Activities

Holidays have started and the library is starting to buzz with activity! Budding chefs strutted their stuff at our cooking classes making delicious Vietnamese rice paper rolls & dipping sauce. 



Bubbles at BiBs

Did you know we have added bubbles to some of our BiBs sessions? The babies seem to love the colourful floating spheres! 


Our young fans

It makes us very happy to see children enjoying our programmes! This lovely young lady enjoyed looking at the world in a different...more red...way! 



National Simultaneous Storytime Wednesday 24 May 2017

Along with over half-a-million children across Australia our Storytime children at Narellan enjoyed 'The cow tripped over the moon' by Tony Wilson & Laura Wood. The National Simultaneous Storytime aims encourage more young Australians to read and enjoy books.

If you missed it you can view a reading by author Tony Wilson

We grabbed our craft idea from and had a cow jumping over a paper plate which looked something like this...

We trialled our new instant camera with a few lovely volunteers. More experimentation is needed to get a clearer picture.


Mini-Builders May 2017

Our mini-builders are showing some fantastic building skills. They probably don't even realise that while they are having fun they are learning about colours, shapes, orientation-in-space, vocabulary, working cooperatively and giving their fine-motor skills a great workout! Mini-Builders is held at Camden Library on Tuesdays at 10AM. Please click here for more information 





School Holidays April 2017

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