Getting Help with telescopes

An instruction video and written manual is included in each Telescope kit.  This is the best place to start using the library telescopes.

But you can get more specialized help and knowledge from Macarthur Astronomical Society.  You can post questions to the MAS facebook page, and benefit from the wide range of experince of this group.  

You may also like to join MAS. The joining fee of $15.00 will be waived for those borrowing a telescope (membership fees can be found here

Members are invited to take part in dark site observing nights at the Oaks (Stargard) and Belango Forest every month. Activities include assitance finding your way around the sky, observing techniques, observation of the planets and deep sky objects, and night sky photography.  

Vistors are also welcome to the Macarthur Astronomy Forum, held on the 3rd Monday of the month 7.30pm -10.00pm. Usually held at Western Sydney University, Campbelltown.

For more details of MAS events and activities, go to their website: