Online Sessions

Free Online Workshops

Our friends at Reptile Encounters will be hosting these incredible live online sessions. Book using the links below. 

After booking the link for the session will be emailed to you. Click on the link to join on the day.

WebinarJam is the host site. It supports any device phone, tablet on PC or Mac.


Australian Reptiles on the 7th of October at 2pm    

This LIVE online show will captivate children as they learn about the weird and wonderful characteristics of Australian reptiles. Find out why lizards poke out their tongues, why turtles hide in their shells and how many teeth a crocodile has. Close-up online interactions with spiny-leaf stick insects, frogs, turtles, shingleback lizards, dragon lizards, pythons, and even a crocodile. You won't believe your eyes!



Insects and Minibeasts on the 8th of October at 2pm

Children will be amazed as they discover the fascinating world of insects and minibeasts. You will meet a large range of Australia’s native invertebrates some of which can be found in your own backyard! Learn how many legs an insect has, why a hermit crab carries a seashell around and how to be safe around spiders. Meet insects, arachnids, crustaceans and myriapods and learn what makes them unique and fascinating!



Feathers, Fur & Scales on the 9th of October at 2pm

Children will learn the difference between feathered, furry and scaly creatures in this LIVE online display of animal life. Everyone will get an up-close look at a hand-raised marsupial, rainforest parrot, freshwater turtle, shingleback lizard, monitor lizard, pythons, and even a crocodile! Learn about what they eat, where they live and more. imagine the reaction!