Use a computer or printer

Public access computers are available at all our libraries. These computers have internet access, Microsoft Office and other popular software.  However personal software cannot be loaded.

Printing and email is available from these computers.

You can also scan documents and save to USB from our photocopiers (Unavailable due to COVID-19)

There is no charge for the use of these computers, however there are charges for printing.

All printing charges currently by card, no cash. 

You will need a library card, with a password/PIN to access public computers. See library staff for details of how to join the library.

Free wifi is available inside Narellan, Camden and Oran Park Libraries. No password required, simply detect and connect. Usage limits for downloads and time apply.


Printing can be done directly from any public access computer. 

See Library Team to release and pay for your printing by card.

Current printing charges are:

A4 Black and White single sided$0.20
A3 Black and White single sided$0.40
A4 Colour single sided$1.00
A3 Colour single sided$2.00


Wireless and Remote Printing

When you are at, or outside of,  Narellan, Camden or Oran Park Library you can also print wirelessly from your own device.  

Mobile devices can print via the Printeron App. Available free for both apple and android devices. 

Check with Library Team for all options to print wirelessly.

For wireless access to Narellan Library Printer, go to the Narellan Library Printeron website.

For wireless access to Camden Library Printer, go to the Camden Library Printeron website.

For wireless access to Oran Park Library Printer, go to the Oran Park Library Printeron website.

To protect your privacy, printing does not start until you come into the library to pay and collect your printing.

Normal printing charges apply - see Library Team to pay by card and release printing.