For School-Age (5-12)

July Holiday Activities

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we will not have any in-library holiday activities. Instead, we will try to bring you the fun activities to do at home. 

For every day of the holidays we have carefully selected a story to listen to, a song to sing and an activity to enjoy. 

Activities include crafts, cooking, yoga, and outdoor activities.






 July Holiday Fortnight of Fun


Rock the Block Club

Join the fun and complete daily building challenges. Send us a photo, short video (<30 secs) or hand-drawn image of you work. We will display selected works in the Rock the Block Gallery on the library website. 

When you have completed your first challenge and we have received your entry at you will become an official Camden Libraries ‘Blockie’. All Blockies get an exclusive digital membership card sent to them by email. 


For more information email the Children's Librarian

Like Comics?

Read 170 Disney Comic titles. All you need to do is register and start reading! 


Coming Soon ... Afterschool Make & Do

Come along and join in the after school fun with games, craft and other activities.
For school children aged 5-12 years. 

Camden Library1st Tuesday of the month during school terms
Narellan Library2nd Wednesday of the month during school terms
Oran Park Library3rd Thursday of the month during school terms