While libraries are awesome and we provide lots of entertainment, we know that for some of you it's all about how we can help you get through school. 

Books and More

You may have started your search with Google, but try some of these other sources of information for your assignments:

  • Books!  Can be found in the library and as eBooks.
  • Articles from Journals and Newspapers can be found via our E-Research page.
  • Encyclopaedias. Yes, Wikipedia is easy to use, but try one of these instead.

Still can't find what you want? We can help you! Come and see us at one of our libraries. Or ask us a Question Online. Or Book-a-Librarian (one-to-one information help).

We also run workshops on how to find information, check out What's On for the current program. 

FREE Online Tutoring via Studiosity

Studiosity creates an online classroom, via 'Connect Live' where students are connected to qualified tutors for one-to-one help with homework, assignments, exam preparation and study questions. Students can also submit essays to 'Writing Feedback', to receive spelling, grammatical and structural feedback.

Click here to try it out - Sunday to Friday 3pm-10pm