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Egg Shaker Songs

We love to use ANY props at BiBs. However we don't just use anything. We always look for the best and safest products and test, test, test, before we use them with 'our' precious babies. 

Top Tips for Shakers

Repeat, repeat, repeat...
Babies learn by repetition. So do we. Repeat songs and rhymes so your baby can really tune in to the skills we would like them to learn.

Feel the beat
Shakers are good for reinforcing the beat, which slows down music for kids to hear the parts of words which reinforces language development. 

Have fun!
Shakers are FUN and fun reinforces learning.


Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Use as many animals as you like. We find two is the maximum in our group. As baby grows they may like to suggest their favourite animals.

Hot Potato

A gem for using with shakers as there are points where the music stops which babies can respond to. Also, The Wiggles really know their business and write brilliant songs that all children (and adults too) love. This is the classic version with the original group. We are showing our age!