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Hand Rhymes

Top Tips for Hand Rhymes

Repeat, repeat, repeat...
Babies learn through repetition. You may be bored with a song but, your baby is still learning and growing, they probably are not!

Use your own voice

Your baby may love The Wiggles but they want to hear your voice MORE! Don't be worried about how your voice sounds, your baby already loves you. Also, if you speak another language make sure to sing and rhyme in your home language and English too. Your baby is easily able to understand the difference - they won't be confused. 

Look at your child

Babies concentrate on faces more than any other thing they look at. Looking at your face will help them to concentrate for longer. 

Round The Garden


We so often call our babies 'cute' names. The actions of this rhyme are designed to reinforce what babies real name is! You could also switch the name to your own name eg Mummy, Daddy, Papa etc to reinforce that understanding. 

I Have Five Fingers

It's never too early to introduce the concepts of number, counting and body awareness.