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Lap Bounces

Lap Bounce Top Tips

Look at your baby
Try turning your baby to face you as they bounce. This allows them to watch your mouth as you sing so they can see how you form the sounds and words that make up your language.

Feel the beat
Bounces are a great way for children to feel the beat with their body. A steady beat is reminiscent of their mother’s heartbeat, a sound that was comforting in the womb.

Beats to walk and dance
Moving, walking, running and dancing all require the ability to keep a beat. So by doing lap bounces with your baby, you are getting them ready for this developmental stage.

Be close and loving
Lap bounces allow us to be close to our babies by holding them on our laps and giving them hugs and cuddles. This is a great chance to build a positive, loving relationship with your baby which is the foundation for learning.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

A classic that has it all! Good movement - rocking backwards and forwards and side to side are excellent for developing the balance centres of a babies brain. Also, the tune is easy for anyone to sing or chant.

Giddy Up Horsie

Tick Tock

Another great rhyme to help babies learn how to balance. Also, the swoop at the end is something babies (and adults) seem to enjoy. The smiles sopeak for themselves!

Father, Mother and Uncle John