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Longer Songs

As babies get older their attention span grows. There is an old measurement that says children should be able to concentrate for one minute for every year of their age. So for a two year old two minutes is a rough guide. I am narrowing in on 50 minutes right now!

If You're Happy and You Know It

You can use just about any actions in this rhyme. We typically clap hands, stomp feet and wiggle our hands and shout hooray. These are all actions that are reasonably easy for parents and young babies to do together. 

For older children you can include emotional language and ask children to represent emotions with their face or body i.e if your sad and you know it have a cry. 

The Wheels on the Bus

Once again you can do any actions you want. Other actions you may want to consider include; other family members on the bus - what do they do?; animals - what sounds might they make on the bus? and seasonal additions - what might Santa say on the bus?