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Scarf Songs and Rhymes

Babies learn about the world by using their senses. Remember, everything is new to a baby!

Scarves are a safe item for babies to use under adult supervision. 

Using scarves allows babies to use all of their senses: 

Touch - to feel the soft texture of the material;
Sight - to see how it moves in the environment and the colours it creates;
Taste - sometimes regrettably babies will gum just about anything;
Smell - the scent that comes from the detergent used to clean the scarves and;
Sound - the whoosh the material makes as it moves through the air. 

We love using scarves and hope you do too.


This rhyme is great for teaching object permanence. Object permanence is the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen, heard, touched, smelled or sensed in any way. A solid understanding of this concept lets children understand that although people come and go from their sight, they DO come back. This allows babies to happily fall asleep and deal with parents who come and go!

The Rainbow Song

Good for introducing the vocabulary of colours and helping your baby to understand the concept of colours by associating colour names with a concrete object.

Incy Wincy Spider

We use the scarf to provide sensory feedback which helps babies to learn the words of the song and later do the traditional actions themselves.