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 Crafty Fun

Creative Adventure with Pip & Brook 

Click on the image to join an adventure through the artworks in the Museum Contemporary Art Collection and be inspired by Australian artists.


Make a Jurassic Terrarium

Click on the picture to learn how to make your own Jurassic Terrarium. Follow this link to learn more about the Jurassic period. 

 Sculpt a monster

Click on the picture to bring a monster to life with artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran and Santi. 

On air PlayUP

Click on the picture for fun craft videos from the Australian Museum of Democracy in Canberra. 

Simple Puppets

Click on the image for lots of ideas to make simple puppets.

Make a beautiful flower pattern

Click on the picture to make a beautiful flower pattern bloom on paper with artist Desmond Lazaro and Basile.

 How to weave your walk

Artist Blake Griffiths shows how pieces of nature can be woven together to create a map of your walk and a portrait of a place in time.

 Make a Paper Playground

Click on the picture to learn how to make a playground entirely out of paper.

 Make Slime

Click on the picture to watch our tutorial on how to make slime.

 Make Bubble Snakes

Click on the picture to learn how to use the bubble solution we suggested above to make bubble snakes. 

 Make a Simple Spinner Toy

Click on the picture to learn how to make simple spinner toy. 

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