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Science & Technology

Sydney Artificial Reef Project

Click on the image to discover what's living in the water around the Opera House, learn about the project to protect it and ways you can help build a more sustainable future!

 KidsNews from NewsCorp

Click on the image for the latest in Science and Technology news for children from News Corp. 

Make a paper mache volcano

 Watch our video to learn how to make an explosive volcano. Follow this link to learn why these simple household chemical do this! 

Make a pop-top volcano

 Watch this video from the Australian Museum to make your own pop-top volcano. Follow this link to learn more about volcanoes.

 What are you curious about? 

Click on the picture to read about current issues in Science & Technology.

 Make an Insect Motel

Click on the picture to make your own insect motel. Follow this link to identify and learn about the insects you find. 

National Geographic Kids


Science and technology images, video and online versions of National Geographic Kids magazine from 2009 to the current year. 

 World Book Online for Kids

Click on the picture for access. There is a fantastic section with heaps of Science experiments you can try at home!