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Olympic & Paralympic craft

Have you been loving watching the Olympics and Paralympics too? Here are some simple crafts to celebrate how much fun we're having cheering for all of the athletes.

Food sensory play

Food is not just for eating, you can play with your food too! Join us to learn how to set up an easy sensory play space using food items from your kitchen.

Bertha and the bear

By Christine Sharp with permission from University of Queensland Press.

Let's make cupcakes

Let's make cupcakes. This simple activity has some definite Science behind it!

Skadoodle and Snugs Magnificent Plan

By Caroline Tuohey & Karen Sagovac with permission from Larrikin House.

What's in my treasure bag? Jungle animals

Come sing with us!

What's in my treasure bag? Australian animals

Come sing with us!

3 little ducks song

Come sing with us!

5 naughty monkeys song

Come sing with us!

A house of mud

By Sophie Masson & Katrina Fisher with permission from Little Pink Dog Books

Zoo train

By Sally Sutton & Daron Parton with permission from Walker books

Build it up song

Come sing with us!

Message in a sock

By Kaye Baillie & Narelda Joy with permission from MidnightSun Publishing.

The very hungry caterpillar craft

Make your own very hungry caterpillar with paint and balloons!

Heads, shoulder, knees and toes

Come and sing with us!

Paper-mache volcano craft

Craft a volcano that really explodes!

Ori's clean-up

Anne Helen Donnelly with permission from Anne Helen Donnelly

Found you!

By Mardi Davis with permission from Ford Street Publishing

Reece give me some peace!

By Sonia Bestulic & Nancy Bevington with permission from Big Sky Publishing

Jacaranda Magic

By Dannika Patterson & Megan Forward with permission from Ford Street Publishing

Lucy's Book

By Natalie Jane Prior & Cheryl Orsini with permission from Lothian Children's Books

The Painted Ponies

Written and illustrated by Alison Lester with permission from Allen & Unwin.


Written and illustrated by Philip Bunting with permission from Allen & Unwin.

Making Sherbet

Make fizzy delicious sherbet with us!

Birthday Baby

Written by Jane Godwin & Davina Bell.
Illustrated by Freya Blackwood
With permission from Allen & Unwin

Red Ned

Written by Tony Wilson & Illustrated by Heath McKenzie with permission from Lake Press.

Library Favourites III (9 December)

Join us for some of our favourite songs! 

BiBs goes Online III (2 December)

Wonderful Colourful (25 November)

Seal-iously Fin-tastic (18 November)

NAIDOC Week (11 November)

Sushi for Little Dumplings (4 November)

Halloween (28 October)

Book Week (21 October)

Curious Creatures, Wild Minds

Library Favourites II (14 October)

Origami (7 October)

In Space (30 September)

Ewww Germs! (23 September)

School Holiday Melted Snowman Tutorial

School Holiday Origami Boat Tutorial

School Holiday Origami Bookmark Tutorial

School Holiday Clay Tealight Holder Tutorial

Very Slimy Story (16 September)

History is in the House! (9 September)

Father's Day (2 September)

Let's Get Scien-cy! (26 August)

What's In A Name? (19 August)

BiBs Goes Online II (12 August)

Library Favourites I (5 August)

Doggos (29 July)

Feeling Froggy (22 July)

Christmas in July (15 July)

Yoga (8 July)

In the Jungle (1 July)

Farm Life (24 June)

Possums (17 June)

BiBs Goes Online I (20 May)

Mother's Day (6 May)

Mother's Day Crafts

ANZAC Day (22 April)

Easter Storytime (8 April)

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